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  • Laser etching & cutting of wood
  • Fume extraction & air filtration systems
  • Deep engraving of metals
  • Laser marking of industrial components
  • Barcodes, Vector Graphics and Bitmap file etching
  • Laser etch all shapes of parts
  • Metal etching, marking & engraving
  • Laser marking of metals
  • Laser etching leather and other decroative items
  • Laser marking of plastics
  • CO2 laser etching & marking
  • Affordable, quality, fast — galvo steered laser technology
  • Unique gifts and home decor
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Turnkey Laser Systems

If you need a laser to engrave metals, ceramics, plastics, wood, glass or just about any material, or to identify products per MIL-STD-130 (iUDI) compliance, Integrity Laser, Inc. has a solution for you.

Integrity Laser, Inc. sell & support here in New England, Q-switched Yb fiber, MOPA Yb Fiber, Nd:YVO4, Nd:YAG, CO2 (3 wavelengths of CO2), Green (532nm), Green Picosecond & UV (355nm) lasers that professionally laser mark and/or laser cut a wide variety of materials.

Since lasers have become common place in the marking of flat, curved or round surfaces with serial numbers, alphanumeric text, 1d & 2d barcodes as well as bitmap & vectorized logos, we sell high-quality, long-life laser marking/cutting systems starting at $8,500 for plotter style laser systems and $14,000 to $19,000 for metal marking fiber laser ("YAG") systems. All fully supported by us in New England.

And, yes, you can buy a much lower priced lasers (from companies that do not have local support in New England), but since we can't afford to use those lower cost systems in our rapidly growing laser job shop & gift making business, we're not willing to sell you one (just so we can make a buck).

Face it, you probably wouldn't buy an unsupported automobile based upon a YouTube video, so why would you buy a laser that way? Lasers and automobiles often cost the same.

A Contract Marking, Cutting & Fulfillment Team

Not everyone or every business can afford to purchase the equipment or hire the employees they need today, so they send their work to Integrity Laser, Inc. where we own 20+ laser systems currently and have the team needed to do the work for them. Then once they're ready to bring the work in-house at a later date, we're able to sell them the technology they need, as well as turn over the files, fixtures & knowledge we developed working with their particular pieces. We do work for people next door and businesses across the globe, so be it a single part or hundreds of thousands, we have the pricing, turnaround, quality & experience necessary to meet your needs. And should we not be able to meet your needs, we're partnered with other businesses who probably can.

We also stock-in-place customer product so once they receive an order, we pull the parts from inventory package & ship on their behalf. Our fulfillment service allows us to "personalize" the product along the way.

Fume Extraction & Air Filtration

Integrity Laser, Inc. offers a very diverse range of fume, vapor & dust extraction and air-filtration systems, for such applications as surgical procedures, typical laboratory fumes, adhesive out-gassing, ink & solvent vapors, laser etching, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting & welding, pharmaceutical compounding, sanding & grinding operations, soldering, as well as many other similar processes.

No matter the brand laser you own or are buying, we have a fume extraction system to meet your need. We sell fume extraction & filtration systems for Epilog brand lasers, Universal / Versa, Tykma, Electrox, LaserStar, Rofin, Foba, Trumpf, Vytek, Chinese brand lasers...so on and so forth.

Protect your employees. Protect your equipment from premature failure & unnecessary maintenance. Protect your environment. Finally, protect your own lungs from health-damaging fumes, vapors & debris.

Custom Made Gifts as Unique as You

Are you tired of buying the same old boring gifts from Target, Amazon or Walmart?

Do you want something unique for your home? Something that says "you"?

To help solve the problem of "boring", Integrity Laser, Inc. offers a number of unique, home decor & personalized or custom gift items, such as business card holders, clocks, desk signs, luggage tags, night lights, mirrors and the like.

We have many designs of our own, but in addition to that, if you dream it up, maybe we can make it for you.

Currently you can find some of our home decor & gift items in the Manchester Craft Market (located in the Mall of New Hampshire at 1500 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH) under our gift brand name of His Light Design.

And soon you will be able to find His Light Design on Etsy and at other New England Gift Stores too.

We also can offer you a line of promotional products to help promote your business.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to see how we can help you.

We are adding new products all the time.