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Integrity Laser Services

The Integrity Laser Story

The story of Integrity Laser is on so many levels, an extremely personal story, so as founder of the business, I feel led to tell the story myself.

In my mind the story of Integrity Laser begins with an automobile accident.

In 1985, I was hired to work in the engineering department of an industrial laser company named Lumonics in California (where I was born). Two years later I transitioned from engineering to inside sales, specializing in projects that required automation and custom designed laser systems. I traveled around the U.S. with Lumonics salespeople to help them assess the automation needs of customers and also to present the solutions that we as a laser company could offer. A short while later I took on the role of outside salesperson in Southern California.

In 1993, I accepted the position of Western Regional Sales Manager for another laser company named A-B Lasers in Massachusetts. By 1998, I was responsible for the sales of A-B Laser systems in the western 26 states and I was selling directly and managing a sales network of nearly 2 dozen sales representatives. As part of all this, I traveled 300 days a year.

My wife and I were married in 1980 and we have two children.

On April 30th, 1998—both of our children were in a car accident when a woman ran a stop sign and struck them. I won't go into the details of the accident here, but let's just say, in the matter of seconds our entire life changed. When both of your children are helicoptered to different hospitals and when one of your children awakes from a coma with no memory of life, not knowing who you or they are—let's just say—that's a life changing event that causes you to re-think things (like traveling almost every day of the year, just to make money).

After the accident, I was asked to move to Massachusetts to manage A-B Lasers (meaning I would not have to travel any more). To my wife and I that job offer was an answer to prayer, because we needed to move somewhere to begin life over with with our children, one of whom did not know the rest of us.

After the move, two years later, I took a position with Electrox Laser in the United Kingdom to manage their U.S. operations and shortly after that, in 2003 the next life changing event in our life took place, when I was called to be the Pastor of a church in New Hampshire.

My work as a Pastor led me to resign my position with Electrox in 2007, to become a manufacturer's representative, selling Electrox Lasers, Trotec Lasers and TBH Fume Extraction systems from our home. I did this, believing that working out of the house would give me a more flexible schedule to minister to people when they were in the hospital or in need of a visit.

Then in 2010, the next change in our life came when I was asked if I would laser mark some parts for a company who couldn't afford to buy a laser. Now at the time I did not own a laser, and neither did I have an office to put the laser in. All I knew is that our son was having trouble finding a job, so I purchased a laser and hired him part-time to run that $200 worth of jobshop work that company had for us each week.

When I hired Chris, something happened I had never expected—God began to bless the business and as He did so, the business began to grow, providing us the opportunity to hire more-and-more people who had trouble finding work due to a variety of reasons I won't go into.

Today, nine years later, Integrity Lasers has a growing team of 15 people and owns 20 lasers, and we're all excited about the future that lies ahead—so much so—that in 2019, I resigned my position as a church Pastor—now focusing all of my attention on the work here, hoping to be able to hire more people who need work in the future.

In case you wonder why I talk about God; click here.