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Education on Air Filtration

Air Filtration Education

Breathing is an important part of living, so it only makes sense for all of us to protect our lungs. Here we hope to tell you a little about why we offer vapor extraction & air filtration.

Things to protect our lungs from Dangerous fumes can be produced by a number of different common processes we encounter in the work place; such as the application of adhesives, the mixing of inks, cleaning compounds, the application of false-nails, the extruding and molding of plastics, the laser etching of various materials, dental milling, tissue removal in surgical applications, soldering, so on and so forth.

The reason we need to protect our lungsOne thing we all need to know is that our lungs do not filter out the smallest of particles (those sub-micron particles in size), which means when we breath vapors containing sub-micron particles, like from the out-gassing of adhesive, or the lasering of plastics, or the soldering of electronics, that those particles pass right through our lungs and straight into our bloodstream. Because these, at times, highly-toxic fumes make their way right into our blood, which circulates throughout our body and feeds our vital organs, in our office we protect our operators (and our own bodies) by using multi-stage extraction & filtration systems.

Education on Air Filtration Filter Classes

A lot of the lower-cost air-filtration systems on the market use nothing more than a bag filter or a simple paper filter media, which really is providing very little (if any) protection from sub-micron particles. The chart above shows you the you really want a multi-stage filtration system that includes some sort of HEPA (or ULPA) filtration. Without a good HEPA H13 (or better) filter, you are not really protecting your lungs. Yes, activated carbon will provide a substantial level of filtration, but it will saturate quickly, costing you money and reducing its effectiveness.

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