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Education on Air Filtration

Laser Technology Education

After 30 plus years in the laser industry, we can tell you the industry changes daily, so at times, things can get a bit confusing. Hopefully our more than 3 decades worth of experience will help shed some light on the subject of laser marking, etching, engraving & cutting systems for you.

Plotter style laser In watching an episode of "Beyond Shark Tank" concerning the making of bottle openers from 50 mm artillery shells, we found ourselves nearly screaming at the television screen as the owner of the business being showcased was explaining how their laser system had been the bottleneck of their business, so they have to buy more lasers of the same type to keep up with the growing demand. How sad it was we thought, that no one had educated that customer on the different types of lasers available, because if only they'd known what was out there, they would not have wasted their money on multiple laser systems, for 1 laser system of the right kind would have been all they needed.

Galvanometer laser technologyFar too often a person calls a salesperson and says "I need to laser engrave this" and the salesperson tells them "this is the kind of laser you need" - only because that is the only kind of laser system that salesperson sells. Our guess is that this particular business would have spent $80,000 less (or more), and they would have saved themselves a graphics designer, had they only talked to salesperson who educated them on the various types of laser systems available - even if it meant that particular salesperson would have lost the sale. We don't want to see other companies make the same mistake, so we offer the two most common styles of laser systems to our customers (flatbed, plotter-style and galvanometer, beam-steered technologies). Each of these beam-delivery methods has pros and cons, some of which we'll talk about here.

Education on Air Filtration Filter Classes

There are various laser wavelengths used in laser marking (such as 1 micron and 10 micron lasers). In the case of our bottle-opener friends, they chose the right wavelength laser, but unfortunately they had purchased a number of flat-bed, plotter-style laser systems, when all they really needed was one galvanometer-steered laser system, not only to keep up with their production rates, but also to eliminate their complications with personalization of their product and the labor required to do all of the computer graphics work they have to do.

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