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Integrity Laser Services

Where We Are located

Integrity Laser, Inc. is centrally located in New England at 10 Twin Bridge Road in Merrimack, NH 03054

Integrity Laser First Building In 2007 when the business was founded, Jeff Muster worked out of his home in Manchester, NH and sold laser and fume extraction systems throughout the 6 New England states.

By the time 2008 rolled around, sales had picked up enough to warrant the leasing of a 150 square foot commercial condo in Derry, NH where potential customers could visit and see some of the laser systems in action.

When in 2010 Integrity Laser was asked by a company to do the laser marking for them, instead of selling the Integrity Laser First Building Doorcompany a laser system, Integrity Laser needed more space, so the company moved to Nashua, NH. At that time we rented around 200 square feet and packed the room with not only our two demonstration lasers, but also the first laser we bought in order to do production work—a Speedy 300 laser from Trotec.

By the middle of 2010, Integrity Laser's job-shop business and sale of laser systems had grown so fast by word-of-mouth, we had to expand our operation, so in July of 2011 we moved into a larger 1,200 sq. ft. space and we then expanded again in 2014 (thinking now we had the space we needed).

The old Integrity Laser building we gre out of

Of course we knew just 6 months later that our old run-down brick building built a hundred years ago just wasn't going to serve our growth in the future, so in August of 2015 we relocated the business to neighboring Merrimack, NH. when we purchased a building of own. In our new Merrimack building we no longer need to walk to the next building to use the loading docks and we no longer have to worry about not having enough electrical power either. We are quite happy in our new facility, and we're sure you will be too when you have a chance to visit us.

Integrity Laser building

Integrity Laser, Inc. looks forward to you visiting us in Merrimack.