A little about our founder & his vision for Integrity Laser, Inc.

This photo is one of many roads that Jeff has ridden in life.
[Photo taken on his 2018 bicycle ride across America]

The story of Integrity

The story of Integrity Laser is on so many levels, an extremely personal story for Jeff our founder.

In Jeff's mind, Integrity Laser begins with an automobile accident, but a little bit more before we get there.

In 1985, Jeff was working in the engineering department of a medical device manufacturer in his home state of California, but because he & his wife (a stay at home mom raising their two children) needed a bit more money to make ends mee, Jeff applied for a position in the engineering department of one of the early industrial laser companies named Lumonics.

In 1997, Jeff made the move from engineering to inside sales where he quoted automated and custom designed laer systems, and then traveled around the United States helping the outside sales people in their presentation of the design concepts.

Two years later in 1989, Jeff made the move to outside sales in Southern California.

Then in 1993, Jeff accepted the position of Western Regional Sales Manager for another laser company named A-B Lasers in Massachusetts.

By 1998, he was responsible for the sales of A-B Laser systems in the western 26 states—managing a direct & sales representatve force of some 2 dozen people. With that role came 200 - 300 days of travel a year.

Jeff and his wife Marilyn were married in 1980 and had two children.

In April of 1998—both their son and daughter were involved in a life-changing car accident. A woman ran a stop sign and struck the car Jeff & Marilyn's son and daughter in—head on.

In speaking of that fateful day, Jeff will often well up in tears and say something laomg these lines; "When both your children are helicoptered to different hospitals—and one of them wakes up from a COMA not remembering anythign about who they were before the accident...not remembering you they are, or who you are—let's just say that's a life changing event that causes you to re-think things (like traveling almost every day of the year, just to make money.)".

After the accident, Jeff was asked to move to Massachusetts to manage A-B Lasers. Jeff & his wife jumped at that offer, knowing their family to start over from scratch in a new place, in a new role where Jeff would no longer have to travel.

In October of 1998, Jeff, his wife and two children moved to New England and have been here since.

After the move, two years later, Jeff lost his job when A-B lasers was aquired by another competitor—so at that time—Jeff joined Electrox Laser out the United Kingdom to manage their U.S. operations.

Then in 2003, Jeff's next life changing event took place. He was called to be the Pastor of a church in New Hampshire.

Jeff's work as a Pastor led him to resign his position with Electrox in 2007, in order to become a manufacturer's representative for Electrox Lasers, Trotec Lasers & TBH Fume Extraction systems from his home.

Jeff took that step of resigning a well paying job to start his own business—solely so he would have more time for the ministry...so he could have a more flexible schedule to minister to people when they were in the hospital or in need of a visit.

Jeff is the first to tell you; "When you walk away from a 6 figure job to start a business—that takes faith in a very big God."

Jump ahead to 2010 when a potential laser buyer asked Jeff if he would laser mark parts for them on a job shop basis.

At the time Jeff did not own a laser, but since his son was having trouble finding work in a bad economy, Jeff bought a laser and hired his son to run it. "I think we only had a guaranteed $207 a week worth of work, so I could only hire Chris part time" Jeff says.

Jeff and his wife did a lot of praying before taking this next step in faith.

When Chris was hired, something happened Jeff never expected—God began to bless the business and as He did so, the business began to grow so more people who needed work and were having trouble finding it could be hired. And one thing that Integrity Laser, Inc has become known for is hiring people that (for reasons we won't go into) have trouble finding good paying jobs elsewhere. It is the desire of Integrity Laser to pay people liveable wages even when they have a skillset that only warrants them mininum wage elsewhere.

Today, Integrity Lasers has a growing team of 12 people and we own more than 20 lasers.

In 2018 (as a sabatical of sorts) Jeff rode his bicycle on a 2 month trip from Astoria, Oregon back home to New Hampshire. You can check out his ride on pedaljourney.com (because its still up there).

Of course when Jeff returned home, he had had a lot of time to think and pray about what the future would be. In 2019 Jeff resigned from his position as church pastor.

One of the few things certain in life is that change happens.

Today Team Integrity is very excited about our future, because as of 2020, no longer are we involved in the sales of laser systems, which means we're now able to focus 100% of our attention upon meeting the needs of our numerous laser job shop & dye sublimation customers, as well as being able to invest more time, money & energy into developing a thriving wholesale & retail gift and home decor business which will enable us to add more memembers to our team.

A bright future awaits us!