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Integrity Laser Services

Full On Jobshop Service

Laser Marking, Cutting, Etching & Engraving―When the Mark Needs to Last Forever

As government and industrial regulations for clearly legible, permanent marks on parts increases, laser marking, etching & laser engraving is rapidly growing in popularity. And Integrity Laser, Inc. is responding to the need here in New England and beyond. We use Yb fiber, vanadate and CO2 systems to professionally laser mark, etch and laser engrave metals, ceramics, plastics, wood, glass, leather, stone, and much more.

We are also equipped to laser cut non-metals such as leather, wood, paper, plastic, cardstock and even thin materials such as aluminum or steel. Whatever your laser or ink-printing need, give us a call and we'll talk about how we may be able to help you.

Our capabilities include as a minimum:

  • Engraving and cutting areas up to 32" x 20"
  • 20 lasers comprising of flatbed CO2 & fiber systems, as well as plotter & galvo-style fiber & vanadate lasers
  • Logos, alphnumerics and various other graphics
  • 1d & 2d bar codes
  • UID code validation & verification per MIL-STD-130
  • Rotary attachements to permit engraving or cutting around circumference of parts
  • Certification of conformance available upon request
  • Warehousing for storage of customer parts in bulk
  • Loading dock for incoming / outgoing shipments by pallet