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SP 3000

Laser - SP 3000

The SP 3000 is the most profitable laser cutting system in its class. It combines the highest productivity with the highest system life span and lowest maintenance costs. With a work area of 87 x 127 in and laser power of up to 400 watts, this laser cutting system is for the most demanding of non-metal cutting applications.

  • CO2 laser
  • Air Assist & Air-flushed Optics
  • IPC Cutting Path Optimization
  • Bi-directional Communication
  • Heavy Load Table
  • Variety of Lens Options & Flexible Focus
  • Controllable Exhaust Options
Download the SP 3000 brochure

Laser Specifications

Dimensions 121 x 154 x 49 inches
Working Area 87 x 127 inches
Material Height 2.2 inches
Max. Processing Speed 78 in/second
Laser Power 60-400 watts