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SP 500

Laser - SP 500

The SP 500 is the ultimate laser cutting and laser engraving system for the production of large unit volume and large surface area materials. The SP 500 is the most productive system in its class, ideal where smaller lasers are insufficient.

  • CO2 laser
  • Air Assist & Air-flushed Optics
  • I-Cut Vision System with Cross-Flow Ventilation
  • Bi-directional Communication
  • Rotary Device Options
  • Variety of Lens Options & Flexible Focus
  • Controllable Exhaust Options
Download the SP 500 brochure

Laser Specifications

Dimensions 75.5 x 48.8 x 45 inches
Working Area 49 x 28 inches
Max. Height of Workpiece Standard table: 6"; vacuum or cutting table: 4.7"
Without table: 12" with an area of 49" x 24"
Max. Engraving Speed 100 in/second
Laser Power 60-200 watts