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SpeedMarker 700

Workstation - SpeedMarker 1300

The SpeedMarker 1300 marks big and bulky parts (for example long pipes, big parts in machine construction or large automotive parts) as well as high numbers of small parts in trays. Due to the closed concept the machine is classified in laser class 2, which means that no safety precautions are necessary. The spacious door makes part handling easy and comfortable.

  • Works with SpeedMarker Fiber
  • PC Housing
  • Illuminated Interior
  • Z, Y, and X axis options
  • Motorized Lift Door
Download the SpeedMarker 1300 brochure

Workstation Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D) 51.2 x 70.4 x 37.8 inches
Max. Marking Area 12.2 x 12.2 inches
Available Axis Z, X, Y
Max. Workpiece Dimensions 41.1 x 25 inches
Max. Workpiece Height 22 inches
Laser Source Pulsed, maintenance free fiber laser
Air cooled
Door Automatic